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Smoky Mountain Service Dogs

The Great Smoky Mountain Jeep© Club Invasion proudly sponsors Smoky Mountain Service Dogs. Over the past few years, we have been able to raise over $100,000 for Smoky Mountain Service Dogs. This wonderful charity, appropriately based in the Volunteer State, provides specially trained service dogs to disabled veterans. Veterans, especially those disabled in the course of their service to our Nation, deserve the utmost respect for both their needs and their autonomy.

Specially trained service animals such as those provided by Smoky Mountain Service Dogs greatly improve quality of life by enabling those who would otherwise be unable to leave their homes independently. They serve as physical support for those with difficulty seeing or walking, guards for those who suffer from seizures, and comfort for those who suffer from psychological trauma.

We request that you read the material here, visit their website, and read about the results of their work.

our most recent contribution

only possible from your help

We are proud to have raised $20,000 in donations for The Smoky Mountain Service dogs last year. Stop by their booth this year to say hello! Remember, however cute they are, these dogs are professionals, not pets. We hope that you will help us do even better for our veterans this year! Donation is not the only way to help: if you live within 30 minutes of Lenoir City,