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The following Terms of Use constitute a legally binding agreement between the user of the website (“you” or “your”) and Great Smoky Mountain Jeep® Club Invasion, LLC., and its representatives (“we”, “us”, or “our”) relating to your access and usage of our domain, including subdomains not limited to, or any other application related to or relying upon services provided thereto (collectively, “the domain”). By accessing our domain you agree to the following terms of service. Should you not agree you are to discontinue usage of our domain immediately.

Terms of Use for this domain may be modified by our discretion. Should we change the Terms of Use the date of those changes will be reflected in the “last updated” line as listed above. It is the responsibility of the user to regularly check for updates; you waive any right to specific notice of any changes to our Terms of Use. Your acceptance of our Terms of Use will be considered valid upon your usage of our domain resources.

Our domain is intended for usage by legal adults (18 years of age or older) for the purpose of learning about or participating in Great Smoky Mountain Jeep® Club Invasion events. Users not of legal age or not able to participate in our events are neither permitted to nor register with our domain.

Intellectual Property

Our domain is our own proprietary property and the source code, databases, management logic, designs, images, and logos therein (“content”) are ours unless we indicate them as being owned by a third party in attribution tags or via embedded resources, e.g. iframes. This content is owned by or licensed to us and are thereby protected by the copyright and trademark laws of the United States, The State of Tennessee, and foreign jurisdictions. Our content is provided “AS IS” for your informational and participatory purposes, not including purposes of commerce outside of those expressly approved by Great Smoky Mountain Jeep® Club Invasion, LLC., or its designated representatives. Our content is not to be reproduced, stored, published, transmitted, or otherwise used for non-commercial purposes without the express approval of Great Smoky Mountain Jeep® Club Invasion, LLC.

User Representations

Registration with our site is required for participation in certain events associated with us. You are responsible for ensuring the privacy the username and password with which you register with our services. We reserve the right to remove or change usernames if in our discretion we find the username selected to be obscene, misleading, or otherwise objectionable. We similarly require that the email address with which you register our services. We similarly may change or remove information submitted in registration forms for our events which are incomplete or misrepresented in any way. You will be expected to read and agree to a disclaimer prior to registering for any such services.

Our Products

Our domain provides ticketing and services related to Great Smoky Mountain Jeep® Club Invasion LLC. related events. We reserve the right to change limits and availability for these services without notification.


You agree that any payment information submitted to our domain or communicated to us is up to date, accurate, and complete. You agree to pay applicable fees and sales taxes where stated. We will add sales taxes and or fees to the prices of purchases where we deem appropriate. In making a payment using our domain you agree to pay the charges at the prices listed. Prices are subject to change: you agree to pay the current prices. We only accept payment in United States dollars.

We accept payment via credit card information which is processed by a third party provider. We currently use Square and Paypal. We do not store or transmit your card information.

We reserve the right to refuse orders placed via our domain for any reason. We also reserve the right to limit purchases per user. We may also prohibit or modify orders at our discretion.

Refunds Policy

All sales are final. We provide digital goods concerning access to events. Purchases may intrinsically limit the participation of others. Attempts to refund purchases complicate or affect the management of those events. We have a no refund policy concerning purchases.


In using this site, you agree to not perform any of the following actions:

  1. Use our domain in an illegal manner.
  2. Make false or defamatory claims concerning us, our affiliates, or other users of our domain.
  3. Use automated services, scripts, robots, or other technologies to systematically collect and store information from our domain without our express permission. This includes but is not limited to web scrapers and offline readers.
  4. Attempt to circumvent security features.
  5. Attempt to obtain free services provided by our domain for which we assess a fee.
  6. Reproduce without permission script, HTML, CSS, or other technological features of the domain without our express permission.
  7. Harass or intimidate ourselves, our affiliates, or other users of our domain.
  8. Attempt to upload malicious code or content to our domain, including passive data collectors, cookie sniffers, or external analytics or other services intended for collecting user information.
  9. Mirror our content or embed our content in an iframe without express permission.
  10. Impersonate or attempt to gain access to the account of another user.
  11. Attempt to obtain other user purchases for your own personal use, i.e., theft.
  12. Delete or otherwise modify content without express approval.

User Submissions

User-generated data, including registration information, ticketing data, event interest and purchases, and correspondence (“submissions”) completed within or communicated to us concerning our domain are non-confidential. Submissions are our sole property; we are in our rights to use or distribute user submissions by our sole discretion without any user compensation. By using our domain you waive any rights, whether moral or proprietary, to your submissions. You further agree that your submissions represent your own, original human contribution. We are not responsible for infringement of third party proprietary rights by any user.

Third Party Services and Content

Our domain uses some third party services and content. We display logos and information, including branding and vendor-provided descriptions (‘vendor content’) for vendor and sponsor participants in our events (‘vendors’). Vendors retain all rights to vendor content. We do not thoroughly investigate vendor content for copyright infringements, nor are we responsible for infringements committed by vendors. Vendor content is to be regarded as their own proprietary material and users are not permitted to use our domain to copy, transmit, or store vendor content.

We also host external links to vendor content. We are not responsible for vendor content hosted outside of our domain. Purchases made outside of our domain are between the user and the vendor or other third party. Losses resulting from purchases made with third parties or vendors are not our responsibility. You are responsible for reading and accepting the terms of use of vendor domains should you use their services.

Enforcement and Termination

We may but are not obligated to monitor our domain for violations of our Terms of Use. We reserve the right to take appropriate legal action should you undertake an action which violates our Terms of Use, causes us a loss of revenue, undermines domain availability, or adversely affects Great Smoky Mountain Jeep® Club Invasion, LLC. events. Should you use our domain for the purposes of committing a criminal action, we reserve the right to report users to law enforcement. We may further use user submissions to aid law enforcement should that information be requested.

We further reserve the right to block usage of services to any user, whether based on submissions or network information, e.g. an IP Address.

If your account is terminated or suspended by us for any reason, you are prohibited from circumventing that termination or suspension by attempting to create a new account or access our domain via another IP Address or by using a proxy service, e.g. TOR.

Domain Availability and Modification

We may add, remove, or modify content and services on our domain at our sole discretion without notification. As previously stated this includes but is not limited to changes in product and event availability, prices, and vendor content.

Domain services may experience problems or interruptions, e.g. server downtime, resulting from software bugs, hardware failures, or maintenance requirements. These service interruptions may result in errors. We are not responsible for any losses or damages resulting from service interruptions affecting our domain or third-parties, including payment processors and vendors.

Governing Law

Your usage of the domain and these Terms of Use are governed by the laws of the State of Tennessee.

Privacy Policy

We collect and disseminate user submissions for the purposes of implementing Great Smoky Mountain Jeep® Club Invasion, LLC. events. However, your privacy is important to us. You may review our privacy policy on our Privacy Page. Our privacy policy is incorporated within these Terms of Use, and you further accept this policy by using our domain. Should you be using our domain from outside of the United States, you agree to transfer your data to be processed within the United States, where United States law and applicable regulations apply. In particular, we do not market our products or services to children. Per the U.S. Children’s Online Privacy Act, we will promptly remove any submissions containing the personal information of a person under the age of 13 if we receive knowledge that these submissions were made without parental consent.


Information, including prices, provided on our domain is subject to error. We reserve the right to correct errors without notification and to deny the delivery of services that which were priced in error.

Dispute Resolution

Any dispute or claim related to these Terms of Use (‘dispute’ or ‘disputes’) brought by us or any user or users (‘party’ or ‘parties’) must first be negotiated informally. From notification, the parties agree to a period of at least 30 days in which to undertake informal negotiations.

Should disputes between the parties remain unresolved following this 30 day period, the disputes will be exclusively submitted for arbitration. You understand that this provision entails that you waive the right to bring a lawsuit in civil court. Arbitration proceedings will be governed by the Commercial Arbitration Rules of the American Arbitration Association (‘AAA’). AAA rules and procedures are hosted at Arbitration may be conducted online, by phone, or by submission of documents. The arbitrator will craft a written decision, but is not obligated to provide a rationale unless requested by either party. Except as required by AAA rules or applicable law, arbitration will be conducted in Blount County, Tennessee.

Should disputes be brought to court rather than arbitration, the dispute will be held in Blount County, Tennessee. Parties consent to waive any jurisdictional or forum disputes with respect to this venue.

Disputes must be commenced prior to one year after the cause of action occurred. Should this provision be unenforceable, the parties will resolve the dispute within the jurisdiction of Blount County, Tennessee, rather than proceeding through arbitration. Disputes are limited to individual parties. Insofar as permitted by the law, no dispute may be arbitrated or proceeded on a class-action basis.

User Data

We retain certain user submissions for the purposes of managing our domain and delivering events. We do maintain backups of our data, however losses are possible. It is the responsibility of the user to track their own submissions, e.g. by retaining emailed copies of tickets and registration forms sent by our domain, to guard against the event of data corruption. We are not liable for the loss or corruption of such data.

Electronic Signatures

By creating submissions to our domain you consent to receive electronic communications. You agree that electronic communications satisfy any legal requirement that a communication be provided in writing. You agree to the use of electronic signatures, contracts, orders, policy notifications, and recording of transactions completed on our domain.


Event purchases provided by our domain come with individual disclaimers. The user is responsible for locating and reading disclaimers for any event in which the user wishes to participate. Those individual disclaimers are not to be held as contradictory to the following general disclaimer:

Our domain is provided as-is and as-available. You agree to use our domain at your sole risk. To the fullest extent permitted by the law we disclaim all warranties. We are not responsible for errors and mistakes in content or submissions, nor are we responsible for personal injuries and damages resulting from usage of our domain. We are not responsible for unauthorized access to our usage of information stored within our servers and databases. We are not responsible for products, content, or services provided by a vendor or third party or domains and websites accessible on our domain via hyperlinks or iframes. We are not responsible for monitoring, fulfilling, or delivering any services or products made between you and any third party.

Jeep® is a registered trademark of FCA US LLC.

Limitation of Liability

Under no circumstances will Great Smoky Mountain Jeep® Club Invasion, LLC. subsidiaries, affiliates, vendors, employees, agents, or representatives be considered liable to you or any third party for damages arising from your usage of our domain. Our liability to you will be limited at all times to the amount paid, if any, to us by you. Disclaimers are governed by applicable law and you may have additional rights should these laws apply to you.


If you wish to resolve a complaint regarding the domain or receive further information, please contact us at:

Great Smoky Mountain Jeep® Club Invasion, LLC.
226 Keller Ln #6686, Maryville Tennessee 37801.