Your frequently asked questions

What is the admission price?

The price for admission is $20 per person per day, $10 per person per day for ages 6-12, and free for children ages 5 and under. Admission is daily, if you wish to attend multiple days of the event, you must purchase admission for each day.

Can I purchase tickets in advance?

Online advance ticket sales are only available during registration for Show & Shine and VIP events.  Multiple admission day bands will be available at the admissions areas on Thursday and Friday during the event.

Is admission included in the Show and Shine competition?

Yes, please see the details under the registration tab for Standard Show & Shine and the Show & Shine Tailgate experience.  Additional armbands for passengers can be purchased during online registration only.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept credit card transactions and cash all admission booths.

Where do I park my vehicle during the event?

There are free options for parking during this year’s event. Parking at the Municipal Parking Lot is an extremely close option. It is a 2400-space lot located between the LeConte Center and The Island. Another option is the newly added 1,000-space parking lot across from the LeConte Center on Jake Thomas Rd, a convenient walk bridge that allows safe passage to the LeConte Center. All vehicles must park in the official markings of a parking space. If it is not officially lined for parking then it is not a parking space and is subject to citation and/or towing. You can not park on sidewalks, grass areas, or any other area that is not a designated parking space. YOU WILL BE TOWED

Will there be VIP parking this year?

Yes, VIP parking will return for this year’s event! Please see all details under the registration tab.

Can I bring outside food and drink?

No. The Leconte Center has its own concession facilities and disallows outside food
and drink within its facility. The center itself is within walking distance of a large complex with a variety of restaurants. We ask that you respect the policies of the facility, which is available on The LeConte Center FAQ page.

Can I bring a pet/animal?

The LeConte Center only permits certified service animals indoors.

Will there be covid restrictions?

No, currently we will not require masks or any other previous covid restrictions.  This could change depending on CDC guidelines.

Will there be a Show and Shine competition & how do I receive my credentials?

Yes, we are holding a Show & Shine competition which will take place from Thursday, Aug 22nd through Saturday, August 24th, 2024. Daily awards will take place at 3 pm. Please check the website for more information. You will receive an email 2 weeks before the event with details on how and where to check in onsite to receive your credentials.

Is there a list of participating vendors and lodging partners?

Yes, you can find all this information at our website gsmji.com.

Can I sell merchandise in Pigeon Forge during the GSMJI?

No person shall use or occupy any portion of any public street, alley, sidewalk, or right of way for the purpose of storing, selling, or exhibiting any goods, wares, merchandise, or materials without the knowledge of GSMJI LLC. And The City of Pigeon Forge. (Permits are required and must be approved)

Will the GSMJI be televised?

Yes, the local news station WATE 6 and the national Lokar Car Show with Sam Mahdavi.

Will GSMJI be streamed live?

No, GSMJI is not streamed live at this time.  Do not click on any links in comments about live streaming

Do I have to own a Jeep Wrangler & be a Club member to attend?

No, The GSMJI is open to the public and welcomes all Jeep model enthusiasts.

Will there be group rides and events?

Yes, please look at the events section on our Facebook page for all GSMJI endorsed parties, rides and meet ups

Where is handicap parking location?

The Leconte Center has a dedicated limited space area for dedicated parking located near the main entrance of the building.  Spaces are limited and on a first come first serve basis.

As always, when parking in Pigeon Forge, be sure to leave all valuables behind. Utilize the safe in your hotel or cabin, or leave essential possessions at home. If you must bring something valuable with you, please be sure to carry it on your person to ensure its safety. Lock your cabin, hotel, and car at all times. Thank you for your interest and for coming to the show.

Stay safe and see you soon, GSMJI Team